Artesian Mineral Water

The Artesian Story:

The Artesian story began over a decade ago when Blue Keld Springs wanted to add an exclusive, premium product to their range.

Steeped in history and sourced from one of the country’s few genuine artesian springs, the product was branded ‘Artesian’ after its mineral water source and thus ‘Blue Keld Artesian’ was born.

The crystal clear mineral infused water is encased in our exquisite Artesian aquamarine blue bottle which was designed for, and is exclusive to, Blue Keld. The truly distinctive British product is perfect for all manner of premium drinking and dining occasions.

From the outset it was decided that the premium product would only be available to the hotel, catering and restaurant market (HORECA). This is still the case today with Blue Keld Artesian being solely available through top class restaurants and hotels around the world.

Blue Keld Artesian is available in both still and sparkling 750ml bottles.