Blue Keld Spring Water Ice

In April 2005 Blue Keld Ice Ltd was launched, the superb state of the art facility capable of producing more than 20,000 bags of ice each day.

An increase in consumer awareness and demand for spring water products meant Blue Keld was the perfect source for sister company The Ice Co to manufacture ice cubes made with spring water.

Blue Keld’s premium ice cubes are individually frozen using Scotsman ice machines’ superior technology. Each ice cube is individually produced allowing for extra clarity of the ice and consistently sized, fully formed cubes which also means they melt slowly.

Blue Keld ice cubes are conveniently packed in cases of 12 x 1kg bags or 6 x 2kg bags. The handy sized bags are extremely convenient to use and completely take the hassle out of making ice in trays or pre formed bags.

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