Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water is drawn from a unique artesian spring on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.

What is an Artesian Spring?

An artesian spring, shown in the diagram, is a spring which naturally bubbles to the earth’s surface, due to a buildup of pressure in a confined aquifer.

An aquifer, is a layer of porous rock such as limestone or sandstone, which acts as the water source for an artesian spring. Layered either side of this is impermeable rock, such as clay, which is so hard the water cannot filter through it to reach the surface. The aquifer absorbs and stores the water which builds up positive pressure between these layers of rock until the water reaches a path (a gap in the impermeable rock) that allows pressure to be released resulting in it naturally flowing to the surface.

What is loved about water from an artesian spring is not only the natural filtering it goes through as it travels at high pressure through the porous rock, but also the number of beneficial minerals it picks up on its journey.

Artesian spring diagram

How does this work for Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water?

Blue Keld Mineral Water takes years to filter through the chalk and limestone of the Yorkshire Wolds before arriving at Blue Keld Spring.

Sourced from beneath one of the only genuine artesian springs in the country, the crystal clear waters naturally filter up through the chalky land and bubble to the surface resulting in the water being particularly high in calcium and low in sodium.

'Blue Keld' or 'Blue Spring' appears on historic maps and legend has it that the name derived because the spring is so clear, that on a sunny day the blue sky is reflected off the surface giving the appearance of literally a blue spring, or Blue Keld as it was called by the Vikings.

Water Quality

Typical Analysis mg/l
Determinant Units Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water
Calcium mg/l Ca 95
Magnesium mg/l Mg 4.3
Sodium mg/l Na 9.3
Potassium mg/l K 1.6
Bicarbonate mg/l HCO₃ 261
Chloride mg/l Cl 17.8
Sulphate mg/l SO₄ 9.9
Nitrate mg/l NO₃ 21.2
Fluoride mg/l F 0.188
Total Dissolved Solids mg/l 298
pH pH units 7.5