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About Blue Keld Springs Ltd.

Dating back to Nordic times, Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water flows from a genuine artesian spring situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Wolds.

The pure waters from the spring take many years to naturally filter through the chalk and limestone of the Yorkshire Wolds before they arrive at the Blue Keld Spring.


Blue Keld’s Artesian Spring

Blue Keld Natural Mineral Water in sourced beneath a genuine artesian spring, whereby the crystal clear waters naturally filter up through the chalky land and bubble to the surface resulting in the water being particularly high in calcium and low in sodium.

Keld is the Viking word for spring.
'Blue Keld' or 'Blue Spring' appears on historic maps, and its water’s have been refreshing for centuries.


Blue Keld’s
Artesian Spring



Blue Keld’s
Artesian Spring



The Blue Keld Factory

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Company History

In the early 1990's the owners of Blue Keld bought the land around the spring to grow potatoes - little did they realize that 10 years later there would be another successful venture which would also develop from the land.

The spring on this land proved to be of excellent quality and so the idea of bottling water in this fast growing market became a reality. Through hard work and commitment the business grew and so the premises grew to as they are expanded to the current facilities of today with modern offices, warehousing and handling facilities. Blue Keld now has the capability to service customers both large and small in the UK and Worldwide.

In August 2003, Blue Keld Springs Ltd entered a new era. On this date the company was acquired by J Marr Limited, a Hull based family business whose roots lay in the deep sea fishing industry. With the gradual decline of the fishing industry, J Marr Limited had diversified their business interests to include a number of other activities, ice cube production being one. The need for a supply of Spring/Mineral water for ice production lead them to the door of Blue Keld Springs. Blue Keld Spring Water Ice cubes have been on the market since April 2005 and have experienced rapid growth due to being a premium ice cube available in four of the multiples.


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